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Our online weed dispensary offers you the opportunity to buy weed online from a variety of Indica, Sativa and Hybrid strains. Visit our online shop and chose from a variety of strains on offer today. Order weed online today and equally enjoy discounts on bulk deals.

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banana split strain
Banana Split Strain
7g$8514g$15028 Grams ( 1 Ounce )$240read more
Harlequin Strain
7g$7514g$15028 Grams ( 1 Ounce )$240read more
lemon tree weed strain
Lemon Tree Strain
7g$7514g$14028 Grams ( 1 Ounce )$230read more
Tropicanna-Cookies strain
Tropicana Cookies Strain
7g$8014g$15528 Grams ( 1 Ounce )$250read more
blue cheese strain
Blue Cheese Strain
7g$8414g$14528 Grams ( 1 Ounce )$250read more
Cookies and Cream Cannabis Strain
Cookies and Cream Strain
7g$8514g$15028 Grams ( 1 Ounce )$260read more
Clementine Strain
Clementine Strain
7g$8514g$16028 Grams ( 1 Ounce )$270read more
MAC Cannabis Strain
MAC Cannabis Strain
7g$8514g$15028 Grams ( 1 Ounce )$270read more
Slurricane weed strain
7g$8514g$15028 Grams ( 1 Ounce )$260read more
Do-si-Dos strain
7g$8514g$15028 Grams ( 1 Ounce )$270read more
Purple Punch Cannabis Strain
Purple Punch
7g$8514g$15028 Grams ( 1 Ounce )$280read more
Birthday-Cake-weed strain
Birthday Cake
14g$15528 Grams ( 1 Ounce )$2707g$85read more
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