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First arriving on the scene in 2005 the strain called Satori is a hybrid that has since become one of Mandala Seed’s most sought after strains. A Sativa-dominant hybrid, its name is a term that comes from Japanese Zen Buddhism that literally translates to understanding. In the Zen Buddhism religion it is used to refer to enlightenment. Users easily discover the reason for the name, as within the first few minutes a clear but strong cerebral high elevates moods.

It tends to ease the mind, opening it up for creativity and concentration. The psychoactive effects can sometimes catch those of lower tolerance off guard and dosing should be done carefully for those unfamiliar with it. Satori is descended from Nepalese landrace Sativa genetics and since its inception has been refined. In 2007, the strain made the top 10 strains of the year in High Times.

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